No-Knock raids have terrorized our communities for too long. You can help end them.


No Knock and Quick Knock raids per year according to research estimates


Of US voters support banning No-Knock raids

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points of change:

Banning No-Knock Warrants in not enough to ban No-Knock Raids. We must restrict the execution of ALL search warrants.

Ban No-Knock Warrants

  1. Banning No-Knock Warrants is only the first step.

Restrict All Other Warrant Executions

  1. Require more up-front info for search warrant applications.
  2. Ban all plainclothes search warrant executions and require an audible announcement.
  3. Require at least 30 seconds for a response before any further actions.
  4. Ban the use of flash-bang and military-style devices and eliminate night-time raids.

Increase Police Accountability

  1. End civil asset forfeiture.
  2. Ensure any evidence seized in violation of these restrictions can not be used in any prosecution.
  3. Require all video/audio footage and paid restitution for destroyed property and/or mental harm.
  4. Create consequences for officers who violate warrant requirements.
  5. Require documentation of all warrant requests and execution and make available for public review.
These reform efforts need to continue so that no one else loses a loved one as a result of these dangerous, deadly and unnecessary practices.

Tamika Palmer
Mother of Breonna Taylor

If ever there was a time when these changes are critical, that moment is now.

Miriam Krinsky
Executive Director Fair and Just Prosecution and former federal prosecutor

This plan is a step towards creating a system of accountability and transparency and making our communities safer.