“My daughter died as a result of a drug raid which should’ve never been authorized. Officers should’ve never been at her home. I’m not the only parent who has lost a child due to these practices of breaking down doors with hopes of scoring drugs and cash. These reform efforts need to continue so that no one else loses a loved one as a result of these dangerous, deadly and unnecessary practices. Please support these critically important efforts. The lives of innocent daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers AND police officers depend upon immediate elimination of these raids. We’re counting on legislators nationwide to act NOW. Otherwise, it could just as easily be their own families who are next ones grieving over a loss resulting out of a police home invasion.”

Tamika Palmer
Mother of Breonna Taylor

“With widespread community calls for reimagining public safety, we have the opportunity to fundamentally transform policing in this country which begins with commonsense laws and best practices that ban dangerous militarized tactics that are far too often used and abused by law enforcement. To realize a system of justice that lives up to its name and fortifies trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve, policymakers and law enforcement leaders must adopt systemic policy and practice changes, including ending no-knock warrants, enhancing transparency, and closing loopholes that have long impeded meaningful police accountability. If ever there was a time when these changes are critical, that moment is now – we cannot afford to allow more lives to be lost and to further erode trust in a criminal legal system that needs to function for all of us.”

Miriam Krinsky
Executive Director Fair and Just Prosecution and former federal prosecutor

“We are very pleased that Campaign Zero is taking an aggressive effort towards reform surrounding search warrants. The research and data are clear that drug raids, and in particular no-knock drug raids, are dangerous, deadly and filled with bad intelligence. They place the potential recovery of some dope and cash over the sanctity of human life. As has been stated by prosecutors and police officers nationwide, no amount of drugs should ever take priority over the need to keep people safe. States and cities nationwide are finally addressing this critical issue. These efforts can’t stop until this abused practice is declared unlawful.”

Sam Aguiar
Attorney for the Family of Breonna Taylor

“This legislation will restrict how all search warrants are executed including banning the militarized no-knock tactics used by police. Simply banning No-Knock warrants will not stop the practice of police breaking into homes and it would not have saved Breonna Taylor's life. This plan is a step towards creating a system of accountability and transparency and making our communities safer.”

Attica Scott
Kentucky State Representative, House District 41

“Too many families across our nation live in fear of being hurt or killed by police,” said Iris Roley of the Cincinnati Black United Front. “After the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey and Breonna Taylor, the world said ‘enough,’ and it’s time our leaders start putting the interests of the people ahead of their own personal ones. It’s time to begin taking a serious look at legislation to dangerous militarized practice of No-Knock warrants and raids. The work being done to mobilize communities to fight for the lives of Black and brown people is inspiring and this initiative to ban these unlawful practice is an important step in the right direction.”

Iris Roley
Cincinnati Black United Front

“The ends may not always justify the means when it comes to No-Knock raids,” said Lomax. “Amid national calls for policing reform and for the safety of our communities and the police officers who serve them, we must take a serious look at ending the dangerous practice of No-Knock warrants and raids, excluding extenuating circumstances. The path to reform will be a tough one — and because of that, it cannot be a one-way street. Our law enforcement and government leaders need to engage and step up and fight against discriminatory and unsafe tactics that not only disproportionately put the lives of Black and Brown Americans at risk –– but also the lives of our police officers. Breonna Taylor’s tragedy is one of several police encounters that have been a catalyst for looking at and reforming police tactics. Some of these techniques and practices have been shown to have caused disproportionate harm to communities of color for years; let us not let her loss be in vain. The time is now. It is time to adopt meaningful legislation and policies that will work for all of us, our communities, and our police officers.”

Mark Lomax
CEO Lancer Cobbs Consulting and Former Executive Director, National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)