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End No-knock raids once and for all

Look at our “Legislation In Progress” map to see if your representatives are actively working on a No-knock ban.

  • If yes, click your state to see how this legislation can be strengthened and then urge your state representatives to incorporate these standards in their bill.
  • If not, tell your state and local representative now is time to End All No-knocks and share the model legislation with them as a solution.

Find Your Representatives

Use this tool to look up your representatives.

Tell your elected officials to support Campaign Zero's #EndAllNoKnocks legislation immediately. It's time to ban no-knock raids and restrict ALL search warrants.


#EndAllNoKnocks communities are organizing nationwide to end No-Knock raids and restrict all search warrants. Sign-up to join a team challenging police raids near you. We need all hands on deck.

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